Derek C Hill is based in Mission, BC and has worked as a freelance photographer for many years. He attained a degree in photography from la Pierce College and has also worked as a medical photographer at Good Samaritan hospital in Phoenix Arizona and at UBC biomedical communications department in the early eighties with Fred Herzog. He has documented construction at Millennium Water Olympic village site in 2010. He has concentrated on travel photography in recent years traveling to Israel, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Brazil, Belize, Nicaragua, Taiwan, Japan and Mexico. "My passion for travel and photography has always been synonymous with freedom of creativity. The kind of stimulus i need to get going. I thrive on the "familiar unfamiliar" of a new place when travelling. Sometimes i feel more comfortable in a strange place than i do at home even when Iā€™m in a place for only a week or two it all seems to come together. This was the case with the photograph "Havana Wedding". The perfect subject and light seemed to magically appear before me. Those are the kind of spontaneous subjects I enjoy photographing. I hope you can feel what I feel through my work".


Havana Wedding